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Paperback 3D model of the book Of Fate So Dark by Sierra Rowan, a reverse harem fantasy romance novel and third in the Forever After: Crimson Snow series

The Jekyll and Her Hydes

Reverse harem monster romance standalone

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Placeholder cover for Of Nine So Bold by Sierra Rowan, a why choose fantasy romance.

Of Nine So Bold

Forever After: Crimson Snow Book Four

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Blood Pawn

“You go out there, you’re going to die,” he said.

A raw noise left me. “Why do you care? You tried to kill me too! No, I’m going home. I’m not a vampire; I’m not anything. I’m just going home and you—”

He spun me toward him, catching both of my shoulders. Inside me, the darkness stirred and frantically, I bashed it back as hard as I could.

His eyes narrowed. “How are you doing that?”

“Let me go!”

“We can’t.”

I yanked at his grip harder. He grunted, hanging on. “Why?” I demanded.

“Because if you die, we could too.”

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